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Zegarek męski Suunto Personal Training TEAM POD SS012193000

Zegarek męski Suunto Personal Training TEAM POD SS012193000

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Szczegóły produktu

Kod: TEAM POD SS012193000
Rodzaj: Dla mężczyzny
Marka Suunto
Kolekcja Personal Training
Gwarancja 1 rok
Serwis autoryzowany producenta
Opakowanie oryginalne producenta

Opis dodatkowy

Suunto t6 Team Monitor (Team POD)

Add a real-time dimension to group heart rate monitoring with Suunto Team POD.

Suunto Team POD enables coaches to receive real-time heart rate data wirelessly from their team's HR belts straight to their PC screen.

Suunto Team POD is a Peripheral Observation Device designed to increase the effectiveness of group training. It includes a USB-interfaced Suunto Team POD receiver, PC software, and a USB cable.

Professionals such as aerobics and spinning instructors, team coaches, and physiotherapists will find Suunto Team POD an invaluable aid to their group training programs.

In many team sports, such as football and basketball, the players can't wear anything on their wrists. In such sports, Team POD provides a unique way to monitor the whole team's heart rates, because the data is received direct from the transmitter belts worn under the shirt.

Suunto Team POD makes it possible for coaches to monitor dozens of athletes' real-time heart rates simultaneously from a distance of up to 100 meters (330 feet). This allows the coach to ensure that each and every athlete is training at their optimum heart rate.

More Information Data is sent from the athletes' heart rate transmitter belts to the coach's PC wirelessly and digitally via the Suunto Team POD receiver. Thanks to the athletes' individually identifiable heart rate transmitter belts, the coach can see which data is coming from which athlete and advise accordingly. The coach can then use the included PC software to analyze the athletes' individual performances and further refine their training for the optimum results.

The Team POD plugs in to the PC's USB port, meaning that no battery is required. It uses very little power from the PC, typically reducing battery life by no more than two or three minutes.

The transmitter belt is compatible with the Suunto t6 wristop computer, which increases the possibilities for athletes' self-monitored training. If each member of the team has their own Suunto t6, they are able to follow their individual heart rates from the wristop computer, making it easier for them to follow the coach's instructions. Suunto t6 also supports team members' training on their own.

Compared with other heart rate monitors, Suunto t6 features a unique training feedback functionality based on heart rate variation analysis. It provides near laboratory-accurate information on physical stress, oxygen consumption and other physiological variables.

Information in Action Suunto Team Pod opens up new possibilities in supervised group training. Instead of just watching the team or group as they train, the coach can now see highly accurate heart rate information that enables them to adjust the intensity of individuals' training as they train.

The coach can also use the information to monitor the team or group as a whole. If the group complains that the training session is too tough, the coach can now see if the complaint is justified or not!

The received data is also invaluable for comparison purposes. When several people are performing exactly the same kind of training, during a spinning session for example, the coach or instructor can see how the heart rates of different members of the group are responding and then give extra encouragement to those who need it most.

Product Features

- ANT secure digital transmission technology
- Wireless USB connection with 100 m range, no batteries required
- Includes Suunto Monitor PC software for real time display and recording of heart rate
- Dimensions: 163 x 50 x 75 mm (6.4 x 2.0 x 3.0 inches)
- Frequency: 2.4 GHz, ANT compatible
- Weight: 180 g (6.35 oz) including tripod adapter and antenna
- Compatible with tripod quick release fixing system
- Water resistant
- Software developer's kit license available for custom applications

Suunto Software Suunto Monitor software is an integral part of Suunto Team POD's functionality. It displays and records the heart rate data of up to 30 athletes, in real time during training. With extremely illustrative color coding the software gives an overview of each team member's heart rate status within, below or above the target heart rate zone of the session and helps the coach to give individual feedback and to improve the quality of the training.

The Suunto Monitor PC software offers three ways of displaying the heart rate during exercise. It shows the value as beats per minute, as a percentage of maximal heart rate, or as a continuous graph from the start of the training. It also records the heart rate graph for viewing after exercise. For those using Suunto t6 with Suunto Team Manager software, the Monitor software also records the beat-to-beat heart rate values for later physiological analysis.

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